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Custom Software for Business
Want to build or integrate with the Google Cloud?
Contact us now at and we'll schedule a call.

We can put Google's infrastructure to work for you.
Over 9 years of dedicated Google integration experience.

We can automate and integrate with Google Workspace(formerly known as Google Apps and G-Suite), including Workspace Add-ons, Google Drive, GMail, Google Documents, Google Spreadsheets, Google Sites, Google Maps, Google Forms and more.

With the power of Google Apps Script and the Google App Engine, you can leverage Google Apps with minimal costs to streamline your workflow, integrate third party applications, speed up repetitive tasks, and boost productivity.

Google hosted apps often run for free, email and we'll schedule a call.
Integrate with ANY Cloud Service
CR & A Inc. has extensive experience automating and integrating with cloud based software as a service (SaaS) tools. Specializing in cloud integration since 2012, we have succesfully integrated dozens of online applications to move data, automate workflows, generate reports, and save our clients time and money.

Ring Central
Quickbooks (CA,USA)

Copper (formerly Prosperworks)




and more...
Workflow automation with custom code, contact and we'll schedule a call.
Rates and Process
Development & consulting - $225 per hour

      Step 1: 30 minute initial consultation, meeting or email - free
      Step 2: 2 or 4 hour initial scoping and design meeting(s)
      Step 3: Application design & estimate
      Step 4: Build
Let's do a 30 minute free consultation, email and we'll schedule a call.
Leverage our Experience
We have been building on the web since 1999, and we have seen it all. Tweak your existing software, move to the cloud, or both, we can help you make an informed decision.

Analyzing your business needs and identifying the solution that will deliver the best value is our specialty.

From the classic LAMP stack to modern JS based tools, we can help.
Let's discuss what we can do for your business. Email Cameron at and we'll schedule a call.
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Exclusive development partner of:
  • InterlockIT, Canada’s first Google Apps Premier SMB Reseller.
  • Blink Reports, Google Sheets add-on for real-time access to Xero accounting data.