is freelance web development. Cameron Roberts of develops custom dynamic website solutions, third party API integration tools, cloud sourced dynamic reporting, and fundamentally sound relational databases. can even salvage your project gone wrong. is deeply committed to building one on one relationships, helping you help your clients. Interested? Go in-depth >>

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In the age of the Internet specialities must change nearly as quickly as the seasons, so my real specialty is flexibility.


CR&AInc. is primarily interested in working with established IT Consulting and Graphic Design firms, forming strategic long term relationships to facilitate development of complex features and tools that their clients demand. I'm also open to work with other types of established companies who need to outsource the building or maintenance of small to medium scale software systems.


It was the Christmas of 1993 in Guelph, Ontario, when the Roberts family would find their first PC tucked under the tree. Graced with the bleeding edge in Microsoft software and given a turbo button by the powers that be, It would captivate Cameron and kick off the journey that has led us to where we are today. CR&AInc. is the outcome of two certainties that Cameron has felt since those early, geeky days: He would run his own business, and he would work with computers.

CR&AInc. is looking to work with professionals who can see past the stock-photography plagued facades that infest the web. CR&AInc. is Cameron Roberts, a developer who largely works solo, bringing in associates to help when only when necessary, providing firms with direct access to a passionate and high quality developer resource.

  • CRM Synchronization script: This project was salvaged after the original developers were slow to resolve various accuracy and duplication issues. CR&Ainc solved these issues and reduced the run time from 12 hours to 4 hours. Written in PHP, this moderately complex script handles synchronizing the client's remote sales rep contact databases with a central cloud based CRM solution being used by management, 7000+ contacts are updated nightly. The project is hosted on the clients in-house Windows infrastructure on an XAMPP stack, and triggered via the Windows task scheduler.
  • Content Sharing Bookmarklet: This exciting "App like" tool allows users to instantly access our clients social-media broadcasting application from any site they visit. With the click of a bookmark, the key elements of our clients platform are embedded into their active page. The bookmarklet it written in pure javascript and is cross browser compatible.
  • Dynamic google documents spreadsheet reporting: These tools allow administrative & management users to pull reports from web based CRM tools directly into a standard spreadsheet, using the power of Google Documents and Google Apps Scripting. Google Apps Scripting is to Google Documents as VBScript is to Microsoft Office.
  • Rich media content delivery solution: An integrated solution for established mail-order DVD firm's transition to digital downloads. This web application written in PHP was integrated with the clients existing shopping cart solution to enable the delivery of their DVD products as downloadable files. This solution included a custom anti-piracy measure that allowed for tracking illicit peer-to-peer distributed copies of their content to a specific purchaser. The client was able to manage the video content himself simply by dragging available download files into a folder on his desktop.
  • Real-time sports gaming site: This custom-developed website featured user registration, real-time importing of sports scores for all major leagues via 3rd party API (XML), and modular contests devised by the client in which users could take part. Although this project was initially developed as a demo system only, after two years of tweaks it became quite mature and was ultimately considered for deployment. Also included real-time chat. Developed in PHP with a MySQL database.
  • Weather Widget: A simple script which allowed our client to embed real-time weather information in the website of their tourism destination client's website. Written in PHP with no database, this script pulled freely available XML from and allowed our design-firm client to specify weather condition icons developed in house.
  • Store locator with map: This small web app allowed users to locate retailers who carried my Clients product within a given distance of their postal or zip code information. Results were plotted on a map as well as listed in text. Users could click through to the Google Maps directions page. Included importing the customers client list from an Excel file and the ability to export a list of user searches. Developed in PHP, Flash and Javascript using embedded Google Maps and the Google Geolocation API.
  • Product Customization Focused shopping cart: This eCommerce solution developed for a customized clothing maker allows customers to preview specific clothing designs with selectable fabric and fabric combinations. Developed in PHP using OpenCart with customizations.
Specialties come and go, experience never leave us. These are most of the technologies that Cameron has learned from at one time or another.